1. First step: meeting with the client, information collection and inspection, estimate of our skills
  2. Second phase: metric measurements, photos and botanists, drafts and graphic illustrations, botanical card combinations of tree species proposals.
  3. Third phase: detailed design, specifications of the works of the green construction, work phase.
  1. Excavations in section mechanically
  2. Laying polyethylene pipes
  3. Connection to the water system
  4. Installation of the solenoid valves
  5. Positioning the control unit
  6. Acceptance test for proper functioning
  7. Green works final
  1. Mowing, aeration and regeneration of lawns
  2. Ecocompatible anticryptogamic treatments
  3. Olive tree pruning
  4. Pruning in tree climbing
  5. Pruning tall trees with aerial platform
  6. Forest mulching, fallow land, banks and slopes
  7. Remediation of agricultural land from stones, stumps, brambles and brushwood
  8. Fertilization of vegetable gardens and gardens with 100% vegetable compost
Vivai Gardea based in Villafranca di ( Verona ), and reaches its customers in the provinces of Verona, Mantua, Brescia, Trento, Vicenza

At the moment Gardea designs and builds green areas for companies, individuals and residences starting from € 5,500.00.

Our friendly and experienced team is available to evaluate and customize each proposed project, providing materials suitable to fully satisfy customer requests, starting from the preparation of the funds up to the final green.
embodiment of a render to a vertical garden
embodiment of a render for a residential garden