Sowing for ornamental lawn

Sowing for ornamental lawn

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Are you looking for a quality lawn? Sowing for lawn ENGLISH LOIETTO TOP QUALITY is the most aggressive mixture of professional regeneration for growth and settlement speed, tested by the best Gardeners. It can be easily recognized for its wonderful bright green color and its very fine foliar texture. It germinates with relatively low temperatures (microthermal). Buy it now before the price increases or, worse, it ends!

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With high performance and excellent durability, it can be used to create a full sun lawn but also in partial shade, but above all to "regenerate" a turf above any species of grass.

  • 10kg BAG


  • 30 gx 1mq. sowing
  • 50 gx 1mq. regeneration


  • High performances, excellent durability, rapid settlement

  • Moderate resistance in the shade

  • Excellent winter growth and rapid summer transition


  • Private green, public, soccer fields, rugby, polo and golf

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