Grilled for gardens and parking areas

Grilled for gardens and parking areas

The grid for gardens and car parks is an exceptional do-it-yourself, recyclable, extremely resistant, flexible and quick-to-install ecological lawn thanks to its high laying capacity. It allows you to quickly realize all kinds of car parks in private, sports, commercial and public areas. It is indicated to consolidate slopes, hanging gardens, cycle paths, paths, helicopter or road tracks. Our proposal is original thanks to its particular patented design that gives it a splendid mosaic effect.

109,80 € VAT included



 For those who request it Gardea is able to provide the complete construction of an armed lawn starting from the topographic survey to the preparation of funds until the final green. Irrigation systems laying turf, ecological grids, plantings, decorative borders, are just some of the options that the company is able to offer. 

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