Floor fountains

Are you looking for a floor fountain for your garden that is distinguished by originality of invoice and durability of the materials? Then take a look at our types of natural stone suitable for all gardens. They consist of a base, a column and a tap and can be easily adapted to any part of the garden and to any landscape.

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The fountains are the oldest solution to meet the need to have a point of drinking water in your garden: they have been used since ancient times thanks to their comfort and, with the passage of time, they have become important elements of water. garden furniture.

Thanks to their simple type of structure (composed of a base, a column that contains the pipe for water passage and a tap) they adapt very easily to any part of the garden and to any landscape.

The fountains in natural stone also have the fantastic value of resisting over time thanks to their exclusive construction in natural stone which, after being worked, is even able to withstand for hundreds of years.

What are the advantages of floor fountains?

- They are made of natural stone
- They are very resistant
- They represent a comfort that is difficult to give up
- They have a simple structure
-They enrich and embellish the garden
- They adapt to any garden and landscape

DELIVERY TIME: within 30 days from the completion of the purchase

NB The fountains are delivered by the courier without a tap

Product variants

Antique fountain in red verona


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dimensions: L56cm x D60cm x H110cm

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Antique pink stone floor fountain


1.475,00 € VAT included

dimensions: L53cm x D52cm x H105cm

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Column in white stone sparkled


462,50 € VAT included

dimensions: L20cm x D17cm x H90cm

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