Decorative materials

Decorative materials


Volcanic lapillus

The Lapillo Volcanico is the ideal solution to decorate your flower beds, vases and planters. Mineral product of volcanic origin, has high resistance to atmospheric agents and will bring a touch of class to your garden. Mixed with soils it increases drainage and limits water evaporation. Buy them now before the price goes up or, worse, end up!

27,00 € VAT included

Vertical garden

Do you want to give your home a touch of class? A vertical garden will be the ideal solution for you! With synthetic felt panels with 15 pockets, complete with irrigation, it is designed both for indoor and outdoor use with a new and easy to manage method. Its possible applications are indeed many, as in the case of terraces, balconies, offices, representative gardens, bars and restaurants. It is designed to decorate walls, wire mesh, outdoor and indoor artifacts, without losing the possibility of having green surfaces. Two other versions are also available on request: for indoor with collection and recirculation tank; with aluminum support and irrigation system with a dripper for each pocket. Buy it now before the price goes up or, worse, it ends!

1.610,40 € VAT included

Yellow tuff

The yellow tuff rocks of volcanic origin are an ideal piece of furniture for the garden and also ensure appreciable thermal insulation. It is a very porous rock whose blocks, thanks to the granular structure of the material, hold the mortar very well in order to facilitate its laying. Buy it now before the price goes up or, worse, it ends!

19,90 € VAT included

Rock in bags

The Rock in bags is the ideal material for the creation of many green spaces: rock gardens, flower beds, borders, gardens of succulents, planters and pots with perennials. The material is packaged in a 25 kg bag in a special net (as shown in the photo). Buy it now before the price goes up or, worse, ends!

35,00 € VAT included

Grating for gardens and parking lots

The grating for gardens and parking lots is an exceptional ecological do-it-yourself armed lawn, recyclable, extremely resistant, flexible and quick to install thanks to its high installation capacity. It allows you to quickly create all kinds of parking lots for vehicles in private, sports, commercial and public areas. It is also suitable for consolidating embankments, hanging gardens, cycle paths, driveways, helicopter tracks or roads. Our Garden and parking grill also boasts an original patented design that gives it a splendid mosaic effect. Buy it now before the price goes up or, worse, it ends!

109,80 € VAT included

Carriageable grating

The original Do-it-yourself Drive-Through Grille allows you to recreate extremely resistant and compact GRAVEL floors: they will never sink the car's wheels, of motorcycles and bicycles, nor prams or stiletto heels. It is a modular system that is easy to install, ecological and 100% recyclable. Buy it now before the price goes up or, worse, it ends!

372,00 € VAT included


National bark

The National Decorative Bark is ideal to spread in the flowerbeds of your garden under the bushes and at the base of the trees of the orchard because it acts as a natural and non-polluting herbicide against the growth of spontaneous and weeds. Available in a 60 Liter bag or in a 1,000 Liter Big Bag, in its maximum size (1,000 Liter package) it will guarantee you a sufficient quantity to cover 15 / 20sqm of surface with a thickness of 5cm. Buy it now before the price goes up or, worse, ends!

26,84 € VAT included

Decorative materials for gardens and outdoor environments for original and durable creations. Gardea's offer goes from the Vulcan Lapillo, to the National Bark, to the Panels to create vertical gardens. From yellow tuff and rock in bags for elegant and exclusive furnishings. From the grid for gardens and parking to the driveway for an effective do-it-yourself. Many quality solutions guaranteed and affordable.