Phone consulting for ideas on how to design and treat your garden

Phone consulting for ideas on how to design and treat your garden

Advice for Lawns, Gardens & Gardens. Use this service to ask for advice from our consultants.

122,00 € VAT included


You have a problem with your garden that you can not solve?
Do you want to create, restore or grow the most of your green area?

Do not worry!
Gardea returned a green garden healthy and flourishing even to those who had lost hope!
We are specialists for gardens, especially lawn rolls, and for over 20 years we take care of the welfare of your green areas.

Sometimes, it may happen that the problem is not of direct concern to the lawn or seeds that do not grow, but stems more deeply, by the composition of the soil.
The causes of an extinct or diseased garden can be many, for this, day after day, Gardea has become the solution of many Italians.

We know how to keep your lawn and how many days did you dedicate to your garden to see it shine and become a source of great pride.
And for this we want to return it green, healthy and flourishing as never before.

Such as counseling is carried out?
- First of all, carefully listen to the problems and your needs;
- We will analyze the situation together lawn by asking questions about the methodologies and habitual actions you take in to care for your garden;
- We will provide the solution to your problem (can relate to the grounds, lawn, lawn rolls, hedge, etc.)

When counseling is carried out?
- In the time of purchase you will be you to choose the day and time in which you want to be called back.
In "Notes of the order" you would write it day and time, keeping in mind that our availability goes from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 to 19.00.
EXAMPLE OF COMPILATION NOTES: Friday, 04.10.2017 9.00.
- Once you have placed your order we send you an email confirmation of the appointment.
- You will then promptly called up the day and at the appointed time.

How much does the counseling?
- The cost of one hour of advice is of 122 € (VAT included).
To get the appointment you need to make prepayment via PayPal or Wire Transfer.